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The Surrogacy process consists of several important parts which are essential when we are speaking about the successful infertility treatment using Surrogate mother. 

ADONIS Fertility International provides the best services in the sphere of medical assistance and help. The cooperation with the whole world makes the infertility treatment really accessible and easy-to-start –  International Department of Adonis Medical Group, located in the USA, Colorado Springs, helps you to have the whole amount of information when ADONIS clinics in Ukraine ensure the qualitative treatment in one place. 

Gestational carrier for ADONIS Surrogate Programs

The Gestational Carrier (surrogate mother) is a woman who carries the baby of the intended parents and has no genetic connection with this baby (an important aspect that is prescribed in the Ukrainian legislation). 

The searching of worthy candidates for the role of the Surrogate for your most valuable baby – it is a really difficult challenge, especially for our clients from abroad. ADONIS ‘own Surrogate base was made for your total safety, convenience and control over the best health of Surrogates. 

Price for Surrogate mother (the compensation) is included into the whole cost of your Surrogate Program. 

ADONIS ensures the most rigorous examination process and several steps of check for physical, moral and physiological wellness of each woman who wants to be in the Surrogate base. Furthermore, the following conditions must be observed:

  • a healthy woman between ages 18-35
  • availability of woman own  healthy-born child delivered through an uncomplicated pregnancy
  • absence of bad habits – alcohol, tobacco, and/or drugs
  • the testing and examinations passing required by the Ukraine Ministry of Health
  • the readiness to start the Surrogate Program right now

There are no prolonged waiting-lists for the Surrogate services, together with ADONIS your time and wishes are fully respected and satisfied. 

Embryo creation in ADONIS

One of the steps included in the Surrogate Program is embryo creation with the help of genetic material from at least one of the intended parents (an important aspect that is prescribed in the Ukrainian legislation). The next step is embryo transfer into the uterine cavity of the Surrogate for the successful carrying and baby birth as result. 

ADONIS ‘own embryo laboratory includes the latest technologies and equipment approved by the Ministry of the Health of Ukraine and of the European and USA origin. In the basis of ADONIS clinics, you have an opportunity to create your embryo under the control and care of real specialists. The whole variety of worldwide knowledge is collected and processed to make your Surrogate treatment of the highest level. 

Affordability of such services is essentially lower than Surrogacy in the USA or Canada and its cost.

Proper balance between the price and quality generates the highest confidence of the patients. ADONIS Surrogate Programs is your chance to experience the greatest infertility treatment results for the most affordable price (cost of surrogacy in California is exponentially higher). 

Choose the way of happiness and full family with ADONIS Fertility International!