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People of different ages always want to be beautiful and healthy. Throughout the whole period of life, our organisms are changing and modifying because of different factors such as environmental impact, lifestyle, quality of food and especially age-related processes. Qualitative medical help is always in demand, especially when it is new age technological treatment. 

With the help of Vitality Anti-aging Stem cell therapy, you have an opportunity to prolong the beautiness and youthfulness of your body, its inner and outer world. 

Stem cell therapy overview

Stem cell therapy is not about a magic pill that will solve all your troubles immediately, Stem cell therapy – is a gradual improvement of your whole organism with the help of total regeneration and revitalization on the cell level. 

In the whole world Stem cells are considered to be a proven standard of aesthetic regenerative medicine. Vitality skilled specialists and quality equipment will help you to reach great results and pause the aging processes. 

Mesenchymal Stem Cells injections is aimed to:

  • reversing the facial skin’s aging processes 
  • regeneration hair follicles and stop hair loss problems
  • make better functioning of integral organs and systems 
  • restore beauty, strength and energy
  • improving longevity in general

Every organism is unique and special. That is why personal consultation with a Vitality specialist will help you to understand your main health weaknesses and begin the treatment process properly. We create an individually adapted Stem cell treatment plan for every patient in compliance with diagnosis (each Stem cell package includes 20+ patient’s exams on the basis of our own laboratory), disease history and individual preferences. 

Vitality treatment process is well-considered and conducted with the world norms and standards. Our high professionals select the proper dose of Stem cells to reach the highest success and visible results. Your body response will not be long in coming. 

The main indications for Anti aging HGH therapy:

  • Damaged skin cells restoration (in a complex with neck and neckline areas)
  • Hair loss or receding hairlines 
  • Comprehensive improvement of the whole organism for the patients aged over 40 years (the special prevention program)

Vitality Stem cell therapy using Mesenchymal Stem Cells is totally safe and has no special side effects (except for possible temperature increase or slight redness at the site of injection, which pass within a few hours). 

The special contraindication is available in case of patient health conditions. Please, pay your attention, that the final prescription is made by the doctor. With full additional introductions you may be consulted on Vitality website.

Taking care of yourself is really important. Vitality Medical and Research Center provides a wide range of offers with usage of Stem cell therapy. The qualification, high experience and effective work – your health in the hands of real professionals. Choose your Anti-aging Stem cell Program, take care of your body, love yourself in the whole of your beautiness. The response will not be long in coming. Just take the first step!

Before using the Stem cell therapy Procedure, be sure to consult with your personal doctor to exclude individual contraindications and specificities.