The Reason Why Football Is Liked by Everyone

Who does not know the sport of football? You definitely like to see and maybe also play football starting in the small alleys of the house to the green grass field. Even if there is a football match between villages, everyone will watch it and it will be very busy.

Why is football so popular with everyone? Below are five reasons. Don’t you agree?

Simple rules

The game of soccer is actually very easy. The point of the game is to get the ball into the opponent’s goal. Whoever enters the most in 2×45 minutes, that team wins.

Football is usually played by eleven people or even less than that, the important thing is to make it fun and have fun. This is one of the reasons why football is so popular.

Can be played anywhere

In addition, to play football can be done anywhere. In large fields, grass fields, asphalt fields, and others. Even in the narrow alleys, it can also be used as a football field full of fun.

Just need a goal marker from sandals or stacked stones that are around the place to play soccer. When there is a ball and a goal, it’s time to play with your friends! Have you ever done this? Is it fun?

Can be played by anyone

The most exciting thing is that soccer can be played with anyone. Whether teenagers, parents, men or women, all can feel it. Even in the football federation there is also a category for disability. For example, the Amputation Football National Team (INAF).

This also means that soccer can be played by anyone. What is also proud is that the INAF national team won the 22nd position in the 2022 Amputation World Cup (AFWC). They completed their journey after fighting against Uruguay with a score of 2-3 in the match which took place at Riva Stadium, Istanbul, Turkey (9/10).

Football is a place to make friends

Because it’s so exciting, it can be played anywhere and by anyone, soccer is also a place to make friends. For example, when you go to school, college, or work, there are futsal or mini soccer sports that are held for bonding. Yes, right?

This is also the reason why football is increasingly favored by all circles. Maybe there are people who usually clash because of emotions or whatever, but after that they can make up and laugh together again.

Football games can be enjoyed

No need to play, watching football matches can also be enjoyed by anyone. Even those who don’t understand football at all can actually enjoy it. We, the audience, can see the excitement of the players in passing to the euphoria of goals.