Stadium in the World with the sophistication of its technology

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Technological advances certainly provide various domino effects for all aspects, including football. Yes, along with the development of technology, the world of round skin continues to experience various advances and sophistication which means, one of the changes that is quite noticeable in technological progress in football is the stadium. At present, many stadiums in the world are famous for their sophistication. Where are the most sophisticated stadiums?

  1. Doha Port Stadium (Qatar)

As the organizer of the 2022 World Cup, Qatar continues to settle down. They prepared various needs to launch the four-year grand event. One of them is by building the most sophisticated football stadium.

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 Doha Port Stadium is one of the best technology stadiums ever made by Qatar. Why is that? The stadium is claimed to be able to regulate the temperature of Qatar which is hot to cool.

  1. Allianz Arena (Germany)

The headquarters of Bayern Munich can be transformed into three colors, depending on who is the stadium user. White for the German national team, Red for Munich and Blue for TSV 1860 Munich. Gambar terkait

Schalke 04’s pride stadium can adjust in all conditions. During rainy conditions, the roof of the stadium can be closed. When there are music concerts, and other activities, the grass of this stadium can be folded into.

  1. Avaya Stadium (United States)

Besides being famous for the luxury of football stadiums and baseball, the United States also has a super-sophisticated stadium in Avaya Stadium.

In addition, the stadium is also able to integrate a variety of data, servers, ticket systems, reservations, visits, broadcasting and so on.

  1. Stamford Bridge

42 Thousands of spectators always packed this stadium when the owner, Chelsea FC played.

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Do not stop there, this stadium is also equipped with various premium facilities such as hotels, bars and cafes (195, 233) which are spread almost throughout the stadium. Stamford Bridge is also equipped with high-tech LED lights that have never been found in any stadium.

  1. Juventus Arena (Italy)

If many stadiums use electricity to light up the stadium, then it’s different with Juventus Arena. Juventus pride stadium uses solar panels to illuminate the entire stadium.

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 No wonder this stadium reaps a lot of praise because it is friendly to the environment

  1. Santiago Bernabeu (Spain)

Real Madrid is not only known as the most luxurious team in the world because it is crowded with star players in it. They also have the luxury of the Santiago Bernabeu, which incidentally is their headquarters.

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The 80-seat stadium presents the latest technology such as a sliding roof to minimize rain and direct sunlight. In addition, the Bernabeu is also equipped with various premium facilities such as club stores, malls, hotels and so on