Surrogacy Laws By The State Map

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Clear answers about fertility treatment in ADONIS from the qualified specialists – let’s familiarize yourself with some of them:

ADONIS Fertility International and ADONIS Medical Group

ADONIS Fertility International is an International Department of ADONIS Medical Group, which was created by the company for the convenience of ADONIS patients from the USA and Canada. The main goal is to support and coordinate you through the whole treatment process, our dedicated team work in favor of your successful result!

ADONIS Fertility International is an American representative office ADONIS, which uses an American bank and payment system. We are in the same time zone with our patients to provide the best service with a quick response.

Gestational Carriers and their peculiarities 

The Gestational Carrier (surrogate mother) is a totally healthy woman at the age of 18-35 years. The important aspect is the existence of her own healthy live-born child delivered through a non-risk pregnancy. Women must not drink alcohol, smoke and/or use drugs.

ADONIS’ own donor base provides perfectly healthy surrogate mothers, which are carefully selected and examined. The whole process of gestational carrier selection is conducted in accordance with clients’ wishes and specificities.

Gestational Carriers diagnostic and testing 

ADONIS provides a rigorous medical, physical and physiological evaluation for every surrogate mother in a donor base. The testing and examinations conducted by ADONIS meet all requirements of the Ukraine Ministry of Health and go over established standards.

ADONIS Fertility International and embryos creation 

With the help of ADONIS Ukraine every client can create embryos on the base of our own embryo laboratory. Choose the proper offer and enjoy the process that is built around your needs. 

“Numbers of attempts” and its meaning in infertility treatment 

The basic surrogacy program has been established in accordance with every aspect of your treatment from the start to finish. The whole list of included services you can see below. For your convenience, up to three attempts are included in your proposal.

Start of the Surrogacy Program in ADONIS Fertility International 

Every patient can start the Surrogacy Program immediately with the help of a coordinator. The travel plans for intended parents and biomaterial couriers are perfectly established and thought out. The Surrogacy map is widely distributed, there are no borders for a new life in ADONIS. 

US citizenship for your  baby 

Your baby will have US citizenship. Ukrainian legislation provides the best conditions and protection for Genetic Parents (Intended Parents). The process of registration and return through the US Embassy in Ukraine is robust and convenient. Surrogacy laws by the state map can vary, but the ADONIS legal team supports you at every step of your surrogacy program, until you’re flying back to the USA with the baby. 

Happy parents with beautiful children – ADONIS mission is to make the world better with the help of reproductive medicine and special infertility treatment off