France team: After this rant from Varane, Griezmann drops a surprise announcement

At halftime of France-Poland, Raphaël Varane went there with his rant in the locker room of the Blues to remobilize his teammates. While his team had a great match against England this Saturday evening, the French vice-captain also said a few words at the break. While Raphaël Varane was imitated by Hugo Lloris and Olivier Giroud, Antoine Griezmann would also have sent a message to his partners.

Despite the opening of the score of the France shortly before half-time in the duel against the Poland, Raphaël Varane decided to rant in the locker room, because he felt that his team was not in their game.

Varane gave a rant at France-Poland half-time

“We are in the round of 16 of the World Cup, we are living a dream but this dream can end at any time if we continue like this. We don’t make the effort for each other, we don’t replace ourselves as we should. I’m not aiming at anyone, I’m thinking of everyone, guys. We have to show something else »cursed Raphael Varane, the vice-captain of Blues. And his message had the desired effect, since the men of Didier Deschamps finally won 3-1, thus validating their ticket for the quarter-finals of the World Cup.

Varane, Lloris, Giroud and… Griezmann spoke against England

While the score at the break was the same againstEngland (1-0), Raphael Varane also spoke in the locker room. But this time, the team’s vice-captain France would have simply encouraged his teammates according to RMC Sports. In addition to Raphael Varane, Hugo Lloris and Olivier Giroud would also have spoken. In addition, Antoine Griezmann would also have dropped a few words. And yet, the number 7 of Blues not used to speaking. But according to the French media, Antoine Griezmann would be heard more and more, especially in the life of the group.