Cliff jumping is also known as cliff diving. It is one of the most simplest and less risky thing to be doing. Cliff jumping has the least chances of injuries and stuff. Also, cliff jumping requires no vehicles,  tents, parachutes etc so, it is quite simple. Cliff jumping is very cost efficient as well.

In cliff jumping or diving, you simply just jump off a cliff and into the ocean or river. However, this activity has turned into a sport and has become very famous in people. There are tournaments that include this exercise. Cliff jumping is a must do since it is thrilling, cheap and also very amusing and entertaining.

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Cliff jumping is a very amusing and entertaining activity to do. It might seem scary at first but it’s  very fun to do. However, this sport has health benefits as well.

Cliff jumping warms the body up and our limbs get quite the exercise. They also energize our bodies. When we jump, the sudden move of particles and atoms inside the body refreshes the mind as well as the body. It also promotes endorphins.

Cliff jumping is a very exhilarating thing to do and is sure to give you goosebumps.


Cliff diving or jumping equipment is very less and is very cheap. this makes this sport quite price efficient. The things you need are first aid kit, wetsuit and hiking boots. In case of an accident, the first aid kid will serve you. However, when climbing the cliff, the hiking boots will serve you and when you jump down in the water, wetsuit will be your protector. However, wetsuit isn’t a compulsion, you can also wear normal everyday clothes if you please.

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