Dribbling Basketball, This is the Way to Know the Technique

Basketball players need to master special techniques to be able to do dribbling. Just bouncing the ball off the floor without technique will not result in shrewd and deceptive dribbling.

How To Do Basketball Dribbling

  1. The head must be in an upright position with a focused view forward. Don’t focus too much on the ball, but look at the field and the opposing players.
  2. Extend your arms and move your wrists to bounce the ball off the floor.
  3. When bouncing the ball, use your finger to control the ball. Don’t use your palms to control the ball.
  4. Keep the ball from bouncing too high or too low when dribbling.

Basketball Dribbling Techniques

There are several basketball dribbling techniques that must be mastered by basketball players. Here are a number of dribbling techniques in basketball.

Hesitation Move

The hesitation move technique is done by holding the ball briefly or for a moment in the handrails. This movement can break the opponent’s concentration. This movement is also used to prepare for shooting the ball into the hoop. The purpose of this movement is to break the concentration of opposing players while finding the best position to shoot.

Change of Pace

The second technique that must be mastered by basketball players is the change of pace. This technique is performed by changing the tempo of dribbling. This movement serves to start an attack or launch another strategy that surprises the opposing player. This dribble is the most common in basketball and is usually used to make defenders think that the dribbler will slow down or speed up the dribble.


The next basketball dribbling technique that basketball players need to master is the crossover. This technique is done by changing the position of the ball from one hand to the other. This movement serves to defend or protect the ball from the opponent’s seizure. This move is great for tricking defenders. But the ball can be stolen if it is not done properly, because the ball is not maintained.

Between the Legs

Basketball players also need to master the technique between the legs. This dribbling technique is done to pass or break through an opponent’s defender who is overplaying. How to do this if you turn left, namely, by dribbling the ball in a low reflection quickly using your right hand. Then use the left foot to step forward. Bounce the ball from the right hand to the left hand between the legs.

Behind the Back

Behind the back is a dribbling technique that basketball players must also master. This technique is used to move the ball from right to left. This move is quite difficult to practice but very effective for outwitting your opponent. This type of dribble is used when players change direction to get rid of defenders. The ball is moved from one side of the body to the other by swinging it behind the body.

Ankle Breakers

The dribbling movement that must be mastered next is the ankle break. This technique involves fast movements when dribbling the ball so that it is difficult for opposing players to defend and maintain balance on their feet. the moment when the defender loses balance or loses momentum when trying to steal. As a result, attacking players who do ankle breaks will have free space to make their next move.