Why a Lift Stand is Essential in Kart Racing

Kart racing has a following in the hobby and motorsports community. Whether held in an indoor or outdoor track, kart racing can be enjoyed by a novice and a professional driver. In fact, a lot of indoor tracks have been sprouting all over the world which are designed with the beginner or occasional racer in mind.

Professional Karting

There is also a segment of professional racers who take kart racing seriously. These groups have souped-up karts or go-karts that are designed for the hardy requirements of track racing. They also have a trained pit crew to assist in maintenance and repairs of their karts before and during a race event.

Karts are also known as go-karts. While they have variances in color and design, they usually have an open-wheel carriage. Some are powered by pure gravity, such as the soapbox derby carts, while others are equipped with an engine system. Some jurisdictions allow karts to be driven on the road, as long as they comply with safety requirements. Meaning, they have the standard head and tail lights and other parts.

Kart Racing Formats

A lift stand can be flexibly used in various kart racing events. These events vary in format and other factors, including duration and venue. Sprint races are karting events held in circuits. The format usually consists of short mini-races, with a duration time of just within 15 minutes.

Another format is endurance kart racing. These racing events usually have a duration time of 30 minutes or more. Some even last for 24 hours. While sprint racing has one driver during the entire event, endurance races often have a driver rotation system. A pit crew assists with a fully developed strategy to help with maintenance and repair requirements. During these stops, lift stands are used to maneuver the kart for easy access.

Another type of kart racing takes place in an ovoid shaped track. Called the speedway race, this format is known for its variations in lengths. It could vary from 4 laps or more for bigger racing events. There are international and national events that host these different race formats.

Why Use a Lift Stand

A lift stand provides several benefits to the kart racing hobbyist or professional. Streeter super stands provide a mechanism for the owner to transport the unit from the truck to the racetrack. During a race event, the lift stand can be used to elevate the unit at a convenient level, so any type of repair or maintenance work can be done quickly and efficiently.

For hobbyists, a regular maintenance check on the kart is also necessary. Even with just a garage space, the lift stand can be used as a basic maintenance equipment. It allows the owner access to hard to reach areas of the unit.

For kart racing enthusiasts, preparation is key. Whether racing is done as a hobby or as a professional motorsport, having the necessary equipment is important when in the track. Whether transporting a kart from the vehicle to the track or checking and repairing its parts, a lift stand can be a very helpful tool.