Transfers – OM: A big call from the foot launched in Longoria for the transfer window?

Currently in Qatar to compete in the World Cup with his selection from Ghana, André Ayew has not forgotten OM, where his entire professional career began. The Al-Sadd striker also insisted on recalling all his attachment to the Marseille club… like a foot call when he will be free during the next summer transfer window?

Trained atOM like his brother Jordan Ayewand while their father Abedi Pele was an emblematic player of the Marseille club in the 90s, Andre Ayew left a beautiful memory in the Marseille city. Trained atOMthe 32-year-old Ghanaian striker can also be positive.

“I miss Marseilles”

Asked Tuesday in the columns of Provence, Ayew also recalled his particular attachment to OM: ” I miss Marseille a lot, it’s my home, I go there from time to time. I miss OM too. I follow all the results, I know everything that happens there! Do not worry “, threw Andrew Ayew. What to understand through this message?

Ayew free next summer…

The Ghanaian striker, who now plays forAl Sadd to Qatar, will come to the end of his contract next June and will therefore soon be free to choose his next destination. And if we are to believe his speech, theOM could clearly interest him. A great option to strengthen at a lower cost next summer for Pablo Longoria ?