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If you want to hold a thanksgiving party, you want your friends to try dining at the finest Latin restaurant. Hence, you want to bring them to Los Ollos. You have heard positive things about the restaurant which motivated you to bring them there. One thing that struck your attention is that they are open on Thanksgiving Day. You may visit them at the 43rd location. You only need to visit them at 11 am and stay until 5 pm. For sure, your guests are willing to take every chicken, rib, or steak that is prepared for them.

The team cannot wait to see you as they also look forward that you come to them for a bite. When it comes to menu, you will find various offers made of chicken. If you avail ? chicken with two sides, you only need to spend 7.49. However, if you desire for chicken with two sides, you need to spend 9.99. Since there may be a lot of people joining you, getting 1 whole chicken will let you spend 19.99. That order will allow you to have 3 medium sides already. If you do not want to avail sides, you only need to spend 12.99.

When talking about sides, you can select from various choices. You may enjoy several foods that include fried yuca, boiled yuca, and steamed vegetables. You have the choice to try their mashed potato, corn, coleslaw, French fries, and salad. If your guests want to have a taste of their black beans, green beans, pinto beans, yellow rice, and white rice, you can get all these things there. When talking about family meals, you may choose rack ribs and chicken menu.

If you want Peruvian menu, you may choose riced based foods. Just prepare a small amount of money. When it comes to sandwiches, you may either try pulled chicken priced at 9.99 and cheesesteak priced at 10.49. You may also like buffalo chicken as an alternative. All sandwiches come with potato chips.

For salads, you may also desire for pulled chicken and buffalo chicken with prices ranging from 9.75 to 10.45. Wraps are also available with chicken and buffalo chicken as main courses. For combos, you may avail ? chick and 1/3 ribs, ? chicken and grilled steak, and grilled steak and 1/3 ribs with prices ranging from 13.25 to 14.75. The webpage provides you with a list of sides to choose. Your kids may also like to stay there because the restaurant offers another set of menus for them. For those who love to take desserts and sodas, those are all available. If you want to get some beer, your male friends will appreciate it as well. You only need to call them through their hotlines if you want to order some foods. It is also possible to find their location and map through their website.

If you want to get in touch with them through social media, you can visit their official Facebook page. They are also available from Monday to Friday from 11 am to 9 pm. You have the choice to get your orders from 43rd location and 39th avenue.

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