Kids’ Sports Can Take a Toll on Families

These days, middle-class families run ragged by their kids’ competitive-sports schedules are achingly common across America: Weekends are devoured by tournaments and practice, family dinners replaced by mandatory strength-training sessions, and vacations forever postponed. During my five years of researching and writing about youth sports for my book Take Back the Game, I heard so many variations of these stories, and the burden on burned-out teenagers is clear. Less obvious is the effect of relentless overtraining on the rest of the household. In the ever-earlier scramble to develop their kids’ athletic skills, mothers and fathers frequently find themselves giving up the integrity of the family as a whole.

In my observation, this is most common among competitive club sports, which for many kids begin during elementary school and extend through high school. For all the evidence that shows how exercise and sports benefit children, comparatively little research exists on

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2019 Main League Baseball Standings & Expanded Standings

MLB StandingsWith a contemporary slate on the horizon, we glance towards the potential dark horses making a run in late fall, and the massive market teams making an attempt to live up to expectations. The Yankees missed out on a golden alternative to upgrade their pitching employees on the commerce deadline. New York should have the most formidable offense within the majors, but the path to a World Series win possible goes by means of the Houston Astros and Los Angeles Dodgers; two groups with deep, elite pitching staffs that can put the Yankees at a drawback.

Olney:What, are you kidding? It is perhaps simpler to be taught three new languages than work out the NL playoff field. I am going to say the Dodgers (brave, eh?) and Atlanta win within the West and East, and I am going to guess the Nationals can be a wild-card workforce as a result … Read more

Darnell Mooney Added Yet Another Holy S**t Quote About Matt Nagy

Every time it seems like the reports of how bad Matt Nagy’s offense was last year couldn’t get any worse, another quote comes along to top it. Justin Fields took multiple turns mentioning how difficult it was. Cole Kmet couldn’t avoid the subject. Anybody that played in it couldn’t help but admit in roundabout ways that Nagy never had a firm idea of ​​what he was doing. Yet somehow, Darnell Mooney may have topped them all.

Friday’s practice at Halas Hall was one of the toughest yet. Several players admitted it was exhausting. Coaches wanted to stress them mentally and physically. That job was accomplished. One of the things the offense worked on extensively was getting Fields out of the pocket on scrambles. When those situations happened, receivers and tight ends were required to scramble too, searching for open space to help the quarterback make a play. It might seem

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Prospect Watch: Top five youngsters moved at MLB trade deadline

You may have heard that Major League Baseball’s trade deadline passed on Tuesday night. (If not, you can use our handy trade tracker to catch up on all of the moves from the past several weeks.) As such, this edition of Prospect Watch is, predictably, all about ranking and analyzing the five best youngsters who were included in deals.

Keep in mind that these exercises are always more of an art than a science and that there were more than five worthwhile prospects traded at the deadline. Now, forward.

There’s a lot to like about Marte’s game. He’s a left-side infielder with well-above-average raw power who walks and who has kept his strikeout rate in check despite playing against competition that is several years older than him. The one big unknown facing Marte is his defensive position. He’s been awfully error-prone at short over the last two seasons, and he

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Report: Chelsea Met With Agent Of Inter Milan’s Cesare Casadei

It is very apparent that Chelsea are looking to bolster their youth ranks this summer, with recent reports stating they have met with the agent of another target.

In addition to strengthening their starting eleven and general depth, the Blues have also replenished their youth sides this summer. This combined with their academy is a huge positive for the club and they are looking to add another talent to this pool: Cesare Casadei.

Cesare Casadei

Aged just 19, the Italian has played a starring role for Inter Milan’s youth sides, having joined the club in 2018. Many clubs have vied for his signature, with recent reports heavily linking Chelsea to the young midfielder.

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Calcio Mercato’s Pasquale Guarro detailed the Blues’ pursuit of Casadei. Having been linked to him in the past, they seem to be stepping up their interest based on this report.

Cesare Casadei
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