When starting competitive netball, there is some essential kit you need to play safely. Nothing beats walking onto the court with your netball team in a smart matching kit with the team’s name emblazoned, evoking pre-match confidence and a sense of unity.


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Netball participation has seen an increase recently, with a nostalgic return to this favourite school activity.

Training shoes

Your sports shoes must have good grip on the sole, as worn-out or flimsy shoes can result in injury. Netball is renowned as a fast-moving sport and a strong grip on your trainers will ensure you do not injure your feet or ankles as you bring down your landing foot.

Trainers must be tightly-laced; in fact, umpires can even stop games to ensure shoe laces are properly fastened.

It is good practice to watch a netball drill training video. These are available from resources such as sportplan.net.

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Omitting socks can leave you with painful, sore and blistered feet. Wearing two pairs of socks while playing will guarantee sufficient foot padding and prevent foot damage.

Knee and ankle strapping

Netball requires skill in landing from height, with strict footwork rules to adhere to. The strain on knees and ankles should not be underestimated over the years. Strapping ankles and knees helps to protect them and lessen damage.

Shorts or skirts

Mixed and male teams opt for sports shorts, whereas ladies’ teams often prefer netball skirts. The choice often depends on the personal preference of the team. Netball kit manufacturers are now also producing sports dresses, which aid flexibility and movement and are often the preferred choice for more established teams.

Netball tops

An appropriate sports top is required to match your chosen shorts or skirt. Tops must be washable and without any pockets, lacing or zips, which could prohibit movement. Choose fabrics that are breathable or cotton based for maximum comfort while playing.


You will need a set of bibs clearly showing the seven player positions in your team colour. Ensure you choose the appropriate sizing for your team to enable all players to move freely.

Lastly, ensure your players forego rings, bracelets, watches, and any sharp hair clips. This will prevent accidental injury to players during fast play. Long nails must also be trimmed.

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