This is a graph from the marketing analysis agency National Media Research, Planning, and Placement of how the audiences of cable tv networks skew by way of party (Democrats to the left, Republicans to the suitable) and likelihood of voting (highest turnout on the top).

sigh no it’s simply science, psychology and simple logic tells us that folks like listening to and studying stuff that they agree with therefore most MSNBC and Koos viewers/readers are leftists and most FOX and Breitbart viewers/readers are right wing. Now economics inform us that demand creates supply, as in if there’s a market for one thing and other people will buy it someone will make it to get that cash, that’s how business works, since there are roughly the identical number of Democrats and Republicans round the most basic guidelines of economics make it unavoidable that they’ll have roughly equal protection to fully cowl the market, media is enterprise in any case.

New York performs Washington ten years to the day removed from the devastating terrorist acts that shocked a nation. There’s going to be a fuckton of America behind this game. You already know what? Bin Laden is fish food. We have systematically dismantled al-Qaeda’s leadership. New York and Washington have recovered to turn out to be easily two of the very best cities to dwell in or visit in the whole hemisphere. So it does not really matter which one of these groups wins.

I was ripped off by this rip-off. I did not learn the fantastic print. I used to be charged $85.00 twice. I needed to return the product with Insurance coverage and monitoring quantity to show it was delivered back to them. It took me almost two months to get my cash refunded. I really feel so silly for falling for this within the first place and not studying the advantageous print I feel like a whole imbecile.

The cable community with probably the most Democratic-leaning audience is Soapnet, whereas the most Republican viewers is that of Fox News. The network with the best election turnout rates is the Golf Channel (just as golf followers have the highest turnout charges among followers of all sports activities, as shown in my latest Taki’s Journal column ). VH1 viewers have the bottom turnout rates (this is amongst adults, in case you’re questioning).

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