If we had a nickel for each time a MSNBC host said something silly, we would bet them all on the stupidest thing coming from Melissa Harris-Perry We’d then develop into your billionaire, company overlords. This time she wants to man males’s sports activities as a result of it takes too much attention away from womyn’s sports.

The progress of science and expertise intersect with all of those questions, however what we frequently forget is that we have now sown the seeds of science and technology elsewhere and the environment during which they’ll develop could be very totally different and therefore their utility and understanding completely different based mostly as they are going to be on a whole totally different set of questions and answers encountered by a distinct civilization.

Maltz, the author who stood up for artwork for artwork’s sake when his comrades embodied the troglodyte art-as-a-weapon slogan, faced a panel of American commissars in Mike Gold, Howard Quick, and V.J. Jerome at actor Morris Carnovsky’s Los Angeles home shortly after the publication of his New Lots article. A person who later refused to cower earlier than the House Committee on Un-American Activities and accepted jail over cooperation along with his government however broke earlier than get together discipline. He denounced the very article he had written.

Hello all, it has been a while since I’ve last checked this page, which has been quietly garnering plenty of views. I’d wish to say thanks to everybody who has commented, particularly those that have taken the time to share their stories as a warning to others. Particular because of At all times Suspicious for posting a extremely detailed dissection of why these blogs stand out as pretend.

So as to combat corporate media like Fox one needs to assist different unbiased information that has sincere journalism. The mainstream media is shortly dropping its foothold as a result of web – real competitors beats government intervention one hundred% of the time. Every time government has obtained concerned in media, it has been a catastrophe for freedom of speech.