After watching the games, listed here are 5 odd issues I discovered from the 2016 Olympics that may straight relate to dog sports (and really most sports activities).

Also called a coin toss, this recreation concerned people throwing cash (that you get to keep) at a sexy prize, usually an expensive bottle of alcohol. This works significantly nicely after people have had a few drinks. There are at all times one or two very competitive players who throw coin after coin at the merchandise to return out victorious.

That realization sparked one other query in my thoughts. Are butt slaps additionally widespread in women’s sports? If so, that’s worthy of an entire totally different hub! But in any case, the butt slap is here and here to remain. For rookies, if you want to keep away from individuals questioning your manhood or if you wish to disguise your real intentions, it’s essential to learn these unstated guidelines of butt slapping.

Sept. 17, 2011. Eighteen-12 months-previous Mitchell Fajman and two buddies determined to go kayaking near the Cook Nuclear Plant in Bridgman, Indiana in spite of waves later reported to be cresting as high as seven to 10 ft. Although all three men have been sporting life jackets, wetsuits and helmets, they had to be saved by the Coast Guard. Sadly, Fajman’s excessive-high quality flotation machine came off within the water.

Rising up, our crew (all but one being from the category of ’96) bonded by means of sports activities. We have been all athletes (a few of us being far less athletic than others) in highschool and most of our group competed in school athletics. Many of our pals ended up at Gustavus Adolphus Faculty in St. Peter and lived together throughout college, however others spread out around the country at totally different colleges. Nonetheless, we remained close.