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I not too long ago read a CNN article by W. Kamau Bell about Michael Phelps carrying the flag at Olympic ceremonies in RIO and I was appalled at what I read. The man who wrote it’s clearly a racist judging from the comment that he made on the finish of the article about Michael Phelps being simply another wealthy white man” hogging the spotlight. He may be rich now but he started out identical to another athlete with a dream of making it massive. He’s also no less deserving of the consideration of flag bearer because of his pores and skin colour.

I too Googled Freddie in search of credentials that may show why he is on the radio. Of course I did not find any so I am even more puzzled now because as nice as he’s, he doesn’t converse very nicely and feels like he’s acquired a mouth stuffed with marbles. I don’t care if he is black, white or inexperienced, he needs to be taken off the air and given many voice, diction and grammar classes.

This article is full of information about the media and the elections. I feel additionally that social media could be very sturdy, but people are drawn to conventional media for credible news, which is sad when, as you say, so much of it is wasted on Trump and Hilary. There needs to be extra balanced media to give other, most likely better candidates, an equal chance.

Instead of questions and more questions, give us your solutions to your entire questions and inform us the info that assist your conclusions. None of your questions have any benefit unless you furnish facts. Posting unanswered questions is a ineffective exercise. In case your basic beliefs and opinions are based on information then please share those info with us. If your whole arguments are based on unanswered questions then you haven’t any arguments in any respect.

What to Do: For those who like structure, you must try Our Lady of the Assumption Church, which combines Byzantine and Romanesque influences and has some impressive frescoes as well as a small nicely that is believed to carry miraculous healing water. It was barely broken within the 2013 earthquake but remains to be value a go to.


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