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One of the vital extensively discussed current events in the online realm has been Turner’s acquisition of Bleacher Report The wedding of a mainstream company with a decidedly new school (and yes, certainly polarizing) portal like Bleacher Report is a panorama-altering transformation for the net sports activities world. The whole impression of the Turner-b/r marriage is unknown this early in the course of, however you’re beginning to see indicators of its implementation. I quite frankly by no means thought I might stay long enough to hear Marv Albert learn promotional spots for Bleacher Report throughout NBA on TNT video games, however alas, right here we are.

Thanks retellect. You might be proper, however I imagine there may be one other motive – once more right this moment I noticed a story on girls in Iraq pressured to turn out to be prostitutes because their husbands are dead. Identical factor again. What goes on at house is swept away, but the issues of the muslim international locations – now they are information. Gee – I ponder why that is.

One can be exhausting pressed to seek out an incriminating paper path of secret directives being funneled down from NPR administration to the staff in the newsroom; a smoking gun stuffed with damning documents ordering them to keep Bernie to a bare minimal whereas reporting Hilary’s nomination as an inevitable, unavoidable reality. But the polling place is full of noxious, asphyxiating smoke that blurs Bernie’s name from he ballot, and there definitely has to be a fireplace burning somewhere.

Give Freddie a break man. He’s not perfect to be sure, however he’s far from being the useful illiterate that you simply’re making an attempt to portray. Save your vitriol for a really terrible sports-talk persona. Ever heard of Colin Cowherd? He is a pompous jerk who always tries to mix sports with politics and tradition – very unsuccessfully I’d add. I solely hearken to him when I rant to raise my blood strain. His present does the trick each time.

The first of the programming collaborations will likely be Kickoff in New Orleans: A CNN-Bleacher Report Particular, a live one-hour show on CNN to be televised Saturday, Feb. 2, at four p.m. ET. And, starting Tuesday, Feb. 5, CNN will air Bleacher Report sports updates day by day as lower-in segments all through morning broadcasts on CNN, as well as throughout the day on HLN. With info on the newest topics affecting sports teams and fans, these 3-4 minute segments will mix CNN newsgathering assets with the unique perspective of Bleacher Report to offer a complete overview of sports information and information.


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