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How to Survive 12 Hour Shifts at Work

Working a 12 hour shift can be grueling, especially on the feet and sleep schedule. Surviving a week of these long shifts requires a bit of planning and perhaps a footwear upgrade. Be ready to cancel all social activities for the week, and get ready to prop up the feet after a seemingly endless work day.

Clearing the Schedule

When working long shifts at work, it’s wise to completely and totally clear the day’s schedule. Between working and sleeping, there are only 4 hours left of the day; this time is usually spent cooking, bathing, commuting, and caring for pets or children. Therefore, it’s wise to eliminate any social activities, extensive chores, or errands until the weekend arrives.


Caring for the Feet

When working all day, the feet will endure a lot of stress. Feet should have excellent support, so be sure that shoes are in good shape with excellent …

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Why a Lift Stand is Essential in Kart Racing

Kart racing has a following in the hobby and motorsports community. Whether held in an indoor or outdoor track, kart racing can be enjoyed by a novice and a professional driver. In fact, a lot of indoor tracks have been sprouting all over the world which are designed with the beginner or occasional racer in mind.

Professional Karting

There is also a segment of professional racers who take kart racing seriously. These groups have souped-up karts or go-karts that are designed for the hardy requirements of track racing. They also have a trained pit crew to assist in maintenance and repairs of their karts before and during a race event.

Karts are also known as go-karts. While they have variances in color and design, they usually have an open-wheel carriage. Some are powered by pure gravity, such as the soapbox derby carts, while others are equipped with an engine system. …

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Could UK football expertise help China to win the World Cup?

While China is a country well known in football circles as willing to pay high prices to attract big name players, with a billionaire set willing to invest heavily in European clubs, it’s not a team that you automatically think of when you imagine World Cup winners. In fact, they have only progressed past the qualifying rounds on one occasion, and in other years, have not even entered the draw.

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What are China’s football aspirations?

China aspires to be a World Cup qualifier again and even hopes to host the event in years to come. It also has ambitious plans to increase the number of pitches in China to 70,000 and the number of training centres to 20,000 by 2020. It would like to produce a World Cup winning team by 2050. All this takes money and ESPN reports that Chinese football is set for a significant funding …

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